About us

Hippy Roots® is an online Headshop and Hippie Shop with a Physical Store, based in Guimarães, at the Palmeiras Shopping Center, at Rua Gil Vicente, 34-42, R / C- Loja 4/5 4800-151 Guimarães, which it tries to take to you, not only the best products on the market, but also at the best prices! Our shop features a paraphernalia of items for smokers. It is possible to find different types of articles from bongs, shrouds, filters, crafts, pipes, grater, lighters, cigarette cases, tobacco bags, trays ...

On the other hand, we also have a wide range of clothing and accessories, such as pants, sweaters, t-shirts, decorative cloths, incense and a wide range of jewelery, etc. We know that all people are different and have different tastes. That is why Hippy Roots® HEADSHOP Portugal strives to offer a selection of products, in order to satisfy all customers. In the space of a few clicks, you can guarantee your best purchase, without leaving your home and in a short time. Our simple layout facilitates navigation, allowing you to arrive without delay what you are looking for. Follow us on social media for promotions and gifts.

If you have any questions, please contact us!